Since 2005, Nairobi-based Manqa Studio (Edward Miller) has been providing editing and design services to institutions, organizations, and individuals in Africa, the Middle East, Asia, Europe, and North America. The final products include books, reports, manuals, articles, brochures, and newsletters.

Manqa Studio aims for flawless grammar and punctuation and clear, concise text while maintaining the author’s voice. Every element – from phrasing to referencing, from overall structure to acronym and symbol use – is carefully examined.

Manqa Studio adheres to a detailed in-house style guide (for British English) or to clients’ official style guides, and is also well acquainted with the Oxford Style Guide, the Chicago Manual of Style, and the UN Editorial Manual. Manqa Studio’s modern book design is reader friendly and uncomplicated.

The following is a selection of projects (editing plus design) Manqa Studio has undertaken.

Annual Rep 21   SN 2019   SL NDP   gender vol 1   youth covid   UNRC AR21   ann rep 20   annual rep 2020   uva herat   uva farah    SGBV dir   uva bam   PGA   wom med cap   NE Nig RGA cover pic   AUTF cov   BPFA image   WPS rep   WPP rep   Mazar smap   Bamyan smap   covid gender   gender vol 2   ebola1   knap-cover-page   gbv-costing-study-2-cover   Annual Rep 2018   unw ar   annual-rep-2015-cover-1   ann rep 2016   annrep2017   untitled   GBV res pack   wsp cover jpeg   knap cover jpeg   mdg1   pcvemanual   jplg-brochure-5   tana-turkana-rep   Kalobeyei SGBV   SOE rep   Wom Pol Part Conf rep   large-brochure-final-1   gbv-costing-study-1-cover-5-nov   gender analysis   a2j rep   usawa-ntbk   egbv-toolkit   nemis rep pic   FTTSS rep pic   compendium-cover   gis1   newsl1   gbv-manual-cover-12-jan   rra jpeg   nap jpeg   eld jpeg   partners-for-cities   gina bk   muranga-murals   makhan-singh-front   pio-cover-final   Swahili Scholar cover pic   don-geronimo-cover   perceptions1   villoo-biblio   waibochi1